Session : SAT1B - 11 OCTOBER 2014
Working Group 4-SR and Shielding

Synchrotron Radiation Issues for the CEPC IR   SAT1B1.PDF
Michael Sullivan (SLAC, Menlo Park, California)
Lost Particles in the IR and Issues for Beam Induced Backgrounds in Higgs Factories   SAT1B2.PDF
Manuela Boscolo (INFN/LNF, Frascati (Roma)), Helmut Burkhardt (CERN, Geneva)
Synchrotron Radiation Absorption and Vacuum Issues in the IR   SAT1B3.PDF
John Seeman (SLAC, Menlo Park, California)
Infrared Synchrotron Methods and Systems for Monitoring and Controlling Particle Beams in Real Time   SAT1B4.PDF
Marina Maltseva (TENZOR, Dubna, Moscow region), Anatoly Andreevich Maltsev (JINR, Dubna, Moscow Region)