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Title CRAB CAVITY IN CERN SPS Submitted 05-DEC-09 03:11 (UTC)
Classification 05 Beam Dynamics and Electromagnetic Fields Modified 18-MAY-10 22:46 (UTC)
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Presenter Hyung Jin Kim Paper ID THPE093
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Author(s) Hyung Jin Kim, Tanaji Sen (Fermilab, Batavia)
Abstract Beam collisions with a crossing angle at the interaction point are often necessary in colliders to reduce the effects of parasitic collisions which induce emittance growth and decrease beam lifetime. The crossing angle reduces the geometrical overlap of the beams and hence the luminosity. Crab cavity offer a promising way to compensate the crossing angle and to realize effective head-on collisions. Moreover, the crab crossing mitigates the synchro-betatron resonances due to the crossing angle. A crab cavity experiment in SPS is proposed as a proof of principle before deciding on a full crab-cavity implementation in the LHC. In this paper, we investigate the effects of a single crab cavity on beam dynamics in the SPS and life time.
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