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Title Electron Lens in RHIC Submitted 05-DEC-09 03:14 (UTC)
Classification 05 Beam Dynamics and Electromagnetic Fields Modified 25-MAY-10 02:51 (UTC)
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Presenter Hyung Jin Kim Paper ID TUPD066
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Author(s) Hyung Jin Kim, Tanaji Sen (Fermilab, Batavia)
Abstract Increasing the luminosity requires higher beam intensity and often focusing the beam to smaller sizes at the interaction points. The effects of head-on interactions become even more significant. The head-on interaction introduces a tune spread due to a difference of tune shifts between small and large amplitude particles. A low energy electron beam so called electron lens is expected to improve intensity lifetime and luminosity of the colliding beams by reducing the betatron tune shift and spread. In this paper we discuss the results of beam simulations with the electron lens in RHIC.
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