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Title Compact 400-MHz Half-wave Spoke Resonator Crab Cavity for the LHC Upgrade Submitted 07-DEC-09 19:36 (UTC)
Classification 01 Circular Colliders Modified 08-DEC-09 07:53 (UTC)
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Presenter Cho-Kuen Ng Paper ID MOPEC022
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Author(s) Zenghai Li, Thomas Walter Markiewicz, Cho-Kuen Ng, Liling Xiao (SLAC, Menlo Park, California)
Abstract Crab cavities are proposed for the LHC upgrade to improve the luminosity. There are two possible crab cavity installations for the LHC upgrade: the global scheme at Interaction Region (IR) 4 where the beam-beam separation is about 420-mm, and the local scheme at the IR5 where the beam-beam separation is only 194-mm. One of the design requirements as the result of a recent LHC-Crab cavity workshop is to develop a 400-MHz cavity design that can be utilized for either the global or local schemes at IR4 or IR5. Such a design would offer more flexibility for the final upgrade installation, as the final crabbing scheme is yet to be determined, and save R&D cost. The cavity size of such a design, however, is limited by the beam-beam separation at IR5 which can only accommodate a cavity with a horizontal size of about 145-mm, which is a design challenge for a 400-MHz cavity. To meet the new design requirements, we have developed a compact 400-MHz half-wave spoke resonator (HWSR) crab cavity that can fit into the tight spaces available at either IR4 or IR5. In this paper, we present the optimization of the HWSR cavity shape and the design of HOM, LOM, and SOM couplers for wakefield damping.
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Funding Agency This work was supported by DOE Contract No. DE-AC02-76SF00515 and used DOE computing resources at NERSC and NCCS. This work was partially supported by DOE US LHC Accelerator Research Program (LARP).

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