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Title First Beam Measurements with the LHC Synchrotron Light Monitors Submitted 08-DEC-09 02:46 (UTC)
Classification 06 Beam Instrumentation and Feedback Modified 08-DEC-09 06:34 (UTC)
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Presenter Thibaut Lefevre Paper ID MOPE057
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Author(s) Thibaut Lefevre, Enrico Bravin, Gerard Burtin, Ana Guerrero, Adam Jeff, Aurélie Rabiller, Federico Roncarolo (CERN, Geneva), Alan Stephen Fisher (SLAC, Menlo Park, California)
Abstract On the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the continuous monitoring of the transverse sizes of the beams relies on the use of synchrotron radiation and intensified video cameras. Depending on the beam energy different synchrotron light sources must be used. A dedicated superconducting undulator has been built for low beam energies (450 GeV to 3 TeV), while edge and centre radiation from a beam separation dipole magnet are used respectively for intermediate and high energies (up to 7 TeV). The emitted visible photons are collected using a retractable mirror, which sends the light into an optical system adapted for acquisition using intensified CCD cameras. This paper presents the performance of the imaging system in terms of spatial resolution, and comments on the light intensity obtained and the cross calibration performed with the wire scanners. Upgrades and future plans are also discussed.
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