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Title Single-pass Beam Measurements for the Verification of the LHC Magnetic Model Submitted 08-DEC-09 11:58 (UTC)
Classification 01 Circular Colliders Modified 09-DEC-09 07:58 (UTC)
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Presenter Rama Calaga Paper ID MOPEC015
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Author(s) Frank Zimmermann, Massimo Giovannozzi, Stefano Redaelli, Yipeng Sun, Rogelio Tomas, Walter Venturini Delsolaro (CERN, Geneva), Rama Calaga (BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York)
Abstract During the 2009 LHC injection tests, the polarities and effects of specific quadrupole and higher-order magnetic circuits were investigated. A set of magnet circuits had been selected for detailed investigation based on a number of criteria. On or off-momentum difference trajectories launched via appropriate orbit correctors for varying strength settings of the magnet circuits under study - e.g. main, trim and skew quadrupoles; sextupole families and spool piece correctors; skew sextupoles, octupoles - were compared with predictions from various optics models. These comparisons allowed confirming or updating the relative polarity conventions used in the optics model and the accelerator control system, as well as verifying the correct powering and assignment of magnet families. Results from measurements in several LHC sectors are presented.
Word Count: 122  Character Count: 838
Funding Agency This work was partially supported by the US D.O.E. through the US LHC Accelerator Research Program (LARP).

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