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Title 120 mm Superconducting Quadrupole for Interaction Regions of Hadron Colliders Submitted 08-DEC-09 19:10 (UTC)
Classification 07 Accelerator Technology Modified 25-MAY-10 07:31 (UTC)
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Presenter Alexander V Zlobin Paper ID MOPEB052
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Author(s) Alexander V Zlobin, Vadim Kashikhin, Nikolai V. Mokhov, Igor Novitski (Fermilab, Batavia)
Abstract Magnetic and mechanical designs of a superconducting quadrupole magnet with 120-mm aperture suitable for interaction regions of hadron colliders are presented. The magnet is based on a two-layer shell-type coil and a cold iron yoke. Special spacers made of a low-Z material are implemented in the coil midplanes to reduce the level of radiation heat deposition in the coil. The quadrupole mechanical structure is based on a thick aluminum collar supported by the iron yoke and stainless steel skin. Magnet parameters including maximum field gradient, field quality and temperature margin for NbTi or Nb3Sn coils at the operating temperatures of 1.9 K and 4.5 K are reported. The level and distribution of radiation heat deposition in the coil and other magnet components are discussed.
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Funding Agency Work supported by Fermi Research Alliance, LLC, under contract No. DE-AC02-07CH11359 with the U.S. Department of Energy through the US LHC Accelerator Research Program (LARP).

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