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Title Analysis of the Performance of the SPS Exponential Coupler Striplines using Beam Measurements and Simulation Data Submitted 09-DEC-09 02:24 (UTC)
Classification 06 Beam Instrumentation and Feedback Modified 11-DEC-09 13:07 (UTC)
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Presenter Riccardo De Maria Paper ID WEPEB054
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Author(s) Riccardo De Maria (BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York), Christian Boccard, Wolfgang Höfle, Gerd Kotzian, Clara Palau Montava, Benoit Salvant (CERN, Geneva)
Abstract The SPS exponential coupler stripline are used to study single bunch instabilities. An accurate description of the response of the pickup is required to obtain high resolution measurements of the bunch vertical motion along the longitudinal axis. In this study we present the results of the comparison between dedicated beam experiments and electromagnetic simulations of a geometrical model of the stripline.
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Funding Agency This work is partially supported by the DOE through the US LHC Accelerator Research Program (LARP) and CERN.

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