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Title LHC Abort Gap Monitoring and Cleaning Submitted 09-DEC-09 10:29 (UTC)
Classification 01 Circular Colliders Modified 17-MAY-10 15:35 (UTC)
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Presenter Malika Meddahi Paper ID MOPEC009
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Author(s) Malika Meddahi, Stephane Bart Pedersen, Andrea Boccardi, Andrew Butterworth, Brennan Goddard, Georges-Henry Hemelsoet, Wolfgang Höfle, Delphine Jacquet, Michael Jaussi, Verena Kain, Thibaut Lefevre, Elena Shaposhnikova, Jan Uythoven, Daniel Valuch (CERN, Geneva), Eliana Gianfelice-Wendt (Fermilab, Batavia), Alan Stephen Fisher (SLAC, Menlo Park, California)
Abstract Unbunched beam is a potentially serious issue in the LHC as it may quench the superconducting magnets during a beam abort. Unbunched particles, either not captured by the RF system at injection or leaking out of the RF bucket, will be removed by using the existing damper kickers to excite resonantly the particles in the abort gap. Following beam simulations, a strategy for cleaning the abort gap at different energies was proposed. The plans for the commissioning of the beam abort gap cleaning are described, and the first results from the beam commissioning are presented.
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